Case Study – LYCON USA Pink Preferred Program

Background / Brief

For some time Lycon USA owner, Lindsay Miller, and I had been discussing a loyalty program to be implemented on While on it’s own this would have achieved the outcome of engaging customers by issuing rewards when they shopped, we worked through a way of gamifying the experience by creating levels that grant access to educational content and other benefits.

Once we mapped out what we wanted to achieve a number of tasks were identified, these included;

  • Relevant Web pages
  • Level structure
  • Editing of raw video material with graphic overlays
  • Clean up existing video content with standardised titles and thumbnails
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Promotional Copy, Graphics & Icons
  • A badge graphic identifying each level
  • MailChimp Campaign
  • User Roles for content access and restriction
  • Video Library uploaded to and embedded from Vimeo
  • Change all existing registered user roles to Pink Preferred Newbie

Once configured, the YITH Points and Rewards plugin automatically changes a user’s level when a number of points is reached. This worked well for the issuing of points, but another solution was required, a need to grant access to content for different levels. I use Ultimate Member for user role management, so set up a corresponding user role for each of the Pink Preferred Levels.

Pink Preferred Levels to Achieve
Pink Preferred Levels to achieve.
Responsive layout of personalised welcome and Mobile Menu.
LYCON Pink Preferred Logo


Graphics created with Illustrator, free sample product images with Dimension. Promotional video created with After Effects. Standardised LYCON U video content cut with Premiere Pro.

Points functionality – YITH Points and Rewards plugin.

Website built with

Production timeline: 8 Weeks

We determined the following LYCON Pink Preferred Levels

For the dollar value to increase as customers progress through to Pink Dream, Points Rules for each level had to be set up in the YITH Points and Rewards plugin.

Pink Preferred Level Link in header
Pink Preferred Level badge and link to corresponding page for logged-in User in site header area.
LYCON Pink Preferred Level Badges
Pink Preferred Level badges.
Your Pink Preferred Points have been updated email
Email sent to users notifying them of a change in their points. Using WooCommerce Add To: Cc: Bcc: Email Recipients Mini-Plugin I was able to configure this to be CC’d to site admin to help manage user role switching via Ultimate Member.
Users Section of Lycon USA
Users section of WordPress Dashboard showing Ultimate Member defined Pink Preferred User Roles that correspond with configured YITH Points and Rewards levels.

LYCON Pink Preferred Graphics and Website layouts

Graphics created with Illustrator, Dimension and Photoshop.

Lycon USA Promotional Video

Created with Illustrator, After Effects

Duration: 00:12
12 second loop for website and social media

Self shot vertical video supplied by client, edited with graphic overlays to enhance viewer experience and help convey message.

LYCON Pink Preferred Pack Shot

MailChimp Campaign Copy and Design

MailChimp Campaign to notify Lycon customers of the Pink Preferred loyalty program.
Introducing Lycon Pink Preferred copy
Transking Logo
Transking USA MATS 2024 Exhibition Kit